Latest Tablet Android 2.2 News

Ooyala Introduces Video Discovery Technology for Personalized Channels;
In pilot with select customers, Hook was developed to enable media companies to quickly and easily deliver premium content to nearly all Android phones and tablets (going back to Android 2.2) — a task that until now has been difficult with the …
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Tablets set to explode in emerging markets as
That kind of growth is less surprising when you bear in mind that, aided by huge numbers of cheap, locally produced Android devices, China has already overtaken the US to become the world's largest smartphone market. India and Brazil meanwhile aren't …
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Sony Xperia Tablet Z Will Soon Be Available in the US After FCC Approval
It has a primary 8.1 MP camera with autofocus and a 2.2 MP secondary one. Naturally … The Xperia Tablet Z will come running Android 4.1.2 right out of the box, but Sony has promised a software update that will bring the tablet to Android 4.2. After …
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English: Unboxing Tablet ChinaNewFashion. Português: Desempacotando Tablet ChinaNewFashion. See videos: http://www…

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    188 dolares no dia 05DEZ2010 com dolar a 1,95+- deu 366 reais +-, resumindo, não vale a pena

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    chinanewfashion ponto com – mas não recomendo, o tablet é muito ruim

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    kkkkkkk divulga o link ae muleque

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    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk paga pau pro tablet

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    quanto pagou nessa porcaria ae?

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    manda o link de onde tu compro, querro compra um *-* to tempao atraz de um

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